In-Home Babywearing Consultations

Babywearing is a fabulous way to bond with your baby. Babywearing has so many benefits.

Babywearing mimics the womb by…

  • Regulating the heartbeat
  • Creating a confined space for a sense of security
  • Feeling the rhythms of mom’s movements
  • Keeping baby close to the breast, which can boost milk production
  • Baby can clearly hear their parent’s voice

Carriers can be a big investment. Before you buy why don’t we show you what is available. You can find out what carriers you like before you order something you think looks good only to find out it’s not your cup of tea after all.

Carriers we have available to try include:

  • Soft structured carriers
  • Ring slings
  • Asian Style like the Mei Tai
  • Stretchy Wraps
  • Short Wraps
  • Long Wraps

For your convenience, babywearing consultations may be held in the comfort of your own home and are typically 60-90 minutes in length. We can help you with a consultation at any time during your pregnancy or postpartum period.