Educating And Supporting You Through The Newborn Stage

Day and Overnight In Person Care, Education Classes, Teaching Baby Healthy Sleep Habits and more

GroovaRoo Nashville

GroovaRoo is a great way to get out and do something fun with your baby and make new friends in your community.

nashville doula

Our postpartum care is available to help make the transition with a newborn/s less stressful and more enjoyable.

baby carriers

Before investing in baby carriers, we can help you determine which styles work best for you.

fertility doula

If you are struggling with your fertility options, Michelle can help you navigate this path.

About Michelle Lloyd

Michelle is a Certified Postpartum Doula, Newborn Care Specialist and a GroovaRoo Instructor.  Originally from New Zealand she moved to the USA in 2010.  The majority of her work life has been working with families as either a nanny, foster parent, postpartum doula or newborn care specialist.  She included GroovaRoo instructor in 2016 to encourage a way to do something enjoyable with your baby and also create a support system.  Having a newborn is challenging and being able to connect with others that are going through it as well can make it not so overwhelming or isolating.





Well, I’ll start by saying Michelle is the reason we are going to have a third baby! I had PPD after my first, so we knew we needed a plan when I got pregnant for the second time. Enter Michelle.  She is incredibly knowledgeable. From babywearing our newborn to potty training our toddler, she had thoughtful advice on all of it. She was with us 2 nights a week and 2 days a week, and I honestly looked forward to her being here – not only because she was so helpful (and did things I didn’t ask her to do like empty the diaper pails!!) but because I honestly just enjoyed her company. We laughed a lot! And that’s just as important for healthy postpartum recovery as rest is (at least for this enneagram 7!). 


Michelle met our newborn the first night we were home from the hospital and has loved on him (and us) beautifully ever since. Her encouragement has been the greatest gift to our family and has empowered us as new parents. We feel blessed to be able to trust our son with Michelle and know that he is safe and in good hands every time she is here. One of our favorite moments so far has been when Michelle took time out of her weekend to come by and show us how to wear our baby carriers and then gave us a glimpse of her GroovaRoo class!! We look forward to having her grow with our family.